1979 was a great year for music. It wasn't a great year for a load of other reasons: the beginning of Thatcherism,
dog-cutoutthe Winter of Discontent, gravediggers’ strike…………..OK, I’ll stop now.

McCann are a three-piece band from Glasgow, playing original music rooted in the diverse and vibrant scene of 1979. A bit of rock, a bit of mod, a bit of punk, a bit of new wave, a nod to ska and reggae, and even the beginnings of electronica.

In the face of the X-Factor, The Voice, and all the other manufactured approaches to making music, McCann are sticking to the punk Do It Yourself ethos: pick up a guitar and sing some songs, go and find like-minded people and get a gig with them.

Punk isn't dead, punk has grown up.